Momdusa plays with dolls

Come, my loverlies. Let us talk of dolls and toys and things that make us happy. Tea?
Mostly Dolls: Monster High, Barbie, Novi Stars, Ever After, and the Toys of my youth.

New stuff at Target: The Bratz (like, srsly, this is just blatant now) have Super Heroes (fairly bland, they look more like wing-less Winx), and have been reduced to a few feet on the shelves (the rest- the pets, the fashion packs, the nail ones and the summer ones- were stuffed on a clearance end-cap). 

The Pinkie Coopers are in. :C

La Dee Da’s have new “Fairy Tale” dresses which are cute enough but not for $20 imho.

The Batman Barbies are only $35 here, thank blog I didn’t pay $42 at TRU!! 

And the Novi Stars? Shoved on the end cap with the Bratzillaz Beach ones, priced at $7.50 :S  Wonder if Target is getting rid of them? There was no room for them on any of the shelves :( Like srsly, the 1D dolls are bigger shelf sitters but THEY get space? Shady -_-

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    Omg I want those Batman dolls!
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    Every time you post in the bratz/bratzillaz tag it’s some shady ass shit. Get over yourself, blocked.
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    I noticed the same thing with a lot of the older MH items. I honestly think that it’s just everyone trying to clear out...
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    Ooh, I’ll have to check around next time I’m out, then. There are a few basics I’m interested in, namely Alie and Mae....
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    yeah the novi stars were marked down to $4.98 when i was in dc! and it wasn’t just the basics/wave 1, it was the “newer”...
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    The fuck is a pinkie cooper? I want one.
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    If you want to get the basics, NOW is the time- they are marked down from $19.99. Also, check the Justice clearance...
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    Ugh everything Bratz is so hideous.
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